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New  Les Miserables theatre production around Torbay (Devon UK) this September...
Directed by me.

Les Miserables; The Memoirs of Jean Valjean,
A dramatic new non-musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel, takes to the stage in Torbay, over several days in September 2013 by an awardwinning Brixham theatre company.

Les Miserables, set between 1815 and 1832, in France, tells the story of ex-convict Jean Valjean, who, after being imprisoned for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread, breaks parole, becomes the mayor of a town and discovers redemption and love, while all the time ruthlessly pursued by the law. The story culminates on the streets of Paris in 1832, during the June uprising, when Marius, a young law student and revolutionary, falls in love with Jean’s adopted daughter Cosette, and Jean must save both Marius and himself from the ruthless suppression of the uprising.

A production with a talented cast from across South Devon, The South Devon Players theatre company are an award-winning, completely non-profit community/ amateur theatre company founded in 2005, based in Brixham and featured on BBC 1 national television in January 2013. Affiliated with the National Operatic & Dramatic Association, we mainly specialise in shows about local history, but sometimes expand to wider historical events (as in the case of this production) as well. We are family friendly, lively and welcoming to all who wish to be involved in theatre at any level. In the past, members have gone on to perform in major feature films, and train at RADA. Our membership ranges from age 10 to 67, and from professional performers to complete beginners, all of whom work as part of a team to create new exciting shows which are then brought to our local community.

Les Miserables: The Memoirs of Jean Valjean is directed by one of the theatre company’s founders; Miss Laura J, who as well as being a professional, award-winning, performer and model in her own right, also holds a Masters degree in teaching performing arts, as well as degrees in film production, and photography – and has performed in another production of Les Miserables in the past, elsewhere. She is accompanied by Mrs Louise German, as assistant director. Louise is the other co-founder of the South Devon Players, who has 40 years of community and amateur theatre experience in her own right.

Show dates
Thursday September 19th
Doors open 6.30, for 7pm start.
Paignton Baptist Church Hall, Winner Street
Paignton TQ3 3BH

Friday September 20th
Doors open 6.30, for  7pm start.
Churston Ferrers Grammar School, just outside Brixham.
Greenway Rd  Galmpton, Brixham, Torbay TQ5 0LN

Saturday September 21st
Doors open 2.30 for 3pm start (matinee) and 6.30 for 7pm start (evening)
Christian Community Centre, Fore Street, Brixham
Devon, TQ5 8DS

Tickets are £6 adults and £5 (children/means-tested benefits).
Tickets can be reserved for collection on the door by emailing southdevonplayerstheatre@yahoo.co.uk.

More show and group information available on our main website http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com/

We got a lot (not all, sadly! rounding up all of the 30-strong cast other than for shows and rehearsals is very hard!) of the cast out on a days character photoshoot a couple of weeks ago.. The photos are by me and a couple of friends.
In no particular order:

Ashleigh and Ed as Grantaire and Enjolras, a split second before the soldiers charge in. In our script, because of how things worked with our stage set, we decided to have Grantaire wounded, so Enjy has just scooped him up, and this is the split second before they look up and see the soldiers. (Then Grantaire tries to defend Enjy and is shot down.. and the rest you know...)

Rich as one of the soldiers. Yes we did this photo in the high-street.

Ric as Jean Valjean, in his Paris phase

Bradley as Gavroche

Another Gavroche picture, because it came out well!

Enjolras is held back by Marius and Valjean when Gavroche is killed.

Two of the factory girls gossip about Fantine...

Ed as Enjolras...

Ric as Valjean - just out of prison.

Valjean and "grown up Cosette"...

Cosette and Marius

 photo 62ad56ed-c565-4c37-aeae-c5ed2d7cc1dd_zps34522b68.jpg

Here we are in Brixham highstreet again. The CCTV must be hilarious


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